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Our Services

Strategic thinking and planning

We design and implement strategic thinking processes which engage the imagination and problem solving abilities of your people, without onerous bureaucracy. We design and manage consumer participation and involvement. We help clients to articulate their organization's strategic direction and plan, using plain English, and in terms which people can relate subsequent change to.

Programme and Project Management

We translate strategic priorities into operational action through the leadership and management of a programme of work, or specific change projects. We facilitate collaborative planning and co-ordination of both the "hard" and "soft" change outputs, to ensure a focus on outcomes, and realizing the benefits of the change, as well as creating "joined up" thinking across teams.

Our planning involves careful alignment of communication processes, leadership and management, training and development, organisation design and transition processes, to ensure a well managed process which optimizes people's engagement in the change.

We provide tight project management of the human and financial resources required to implement the change plan. We provide strong governance information about the quality, risks and timeliness of change activity.

Change Mentoring and Coaching

Our change coaching service provides inexperienced change managers with access to our experience and expertise in change planning and implementation. We create a safe and independent environment in which to discuss issues, resolve problems, reflect and learn from events and plan next steps. We encourage continual assessment of personal effectiveness using a standard set of change management competencies.


Our Solutions


Manage the risk of financial delegations with the intranet based Delegations Register System (DRS):

  • Easy to maintain database of employees with financial responsibility for offices or work groups (cost centres)
  • Appointed budget managers and acting budget managers
  • Fast access to budget manager contact information for all employees
  • Audit trail of delegated authority at a particular date/time
  • Potential exposures highlighted by exception reports: cost centres without a valid budget manager, financial delegations due to expire etc.

Download more information about Delegations Register System

Delegations Register System


Are you deploying your human resources in the way you think you are? Improve your management information using the intranet based Time Allocation System (TAS):

  • Activity based costing data collection tool for service based organisations
  • Capture timesheet information from employees using pre-defined activities and sub-activities (3 levels of activity specification)
  • Manage a sample of employees recording activity information for a specified period of time
  • Tailor activities for different types of employees
  • Map activities to output classes / product ranges for analysis
  • Optimised for NZ public sector ministerial reporting
  • Time, activity and output class information available for analysis in excel format.

Download more information about Time Allocation System

Time Allocation System


Promote your topic area and create an on-line community using The Cuba Group Content Management System:

  • Organise your information and make it easy to find with an unlimited number of classifications and sub-classifications
  • Maintain an international/national or local contacts list of people and organisations involved in your topic area
  • Optimised for research material, publications and relevant external links
  • Full text search engine supporting keyword and Boolean search strings
  • Encourage people to register and receive regular email updates of new material or participate in on-line forums
  • Create your own site branding
  • Able to be maintained by non-technical personnel
  • Designed as a low cost entry to an effective and professional on-line publication system.

Content Management Modules