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How we work

Create clarity

The Cuba Group sets out to create clarity in the midst of change: clarity of outcomes and clarity of process, so that all individuals can make the best personal decisions moving forward. We believe this generates trust and demonstrates respect. We use the catch phrase: clear paths to successful outcomes, as a continual reminder.

Change with a purpose

We observe that "continuity of purpose" and "effective change" go hand in hand. Consistent strategy and real strength of purpose creates the stability and security in which people can then anticipate and engage in well managed change. They understand how it fits, and how it will make a difference.

Change is just what we do

We believe that as a society we need to "normalise" change, to build resilient, adaptive organizations and powerful individuals. We help clients to approach change with confidence, as an integral part of what they do well, and to look for opportunities for renewal and development in every planning cycle.